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Kaoru Abe

CD box


Format: 4xCD box

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Abe at his best! Crudely generalising a contrast in free jazz tendencies between AMM/SME/MIC/FMP and AACM/ESP, it's hard to say if Abe's closer to the gentle, bearded intellectualism of some European improvisation, or to the gutsier funk of more US freedom fighters. Up there with the best of both Western sides of the sea, but unlike any one from either, his stroppy, razor-sharpening alto style mixes tousled emotionalism with dogged puzzling, like an amalgam of Anthony Braxton and a sadder, angrier Albert Ayler. Takayanagi is simply sensational, extracting vicious, razor-edge feedback skrees from his guitar which slice gaping holes in the air; Abe, as one would expect, rises to the challenge, meeting Takayanagi head-on, and going all-out to match him blast for blast.


Cat. number: YOUTH-165
Year: 2012
Genre: Noise

Limited to 200 copies


Recorded at Bedroom, Tokyo 1993-1995.
Mixed and mastered from original cassette tapes at Munemihouse, Tokyo 2012.