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Kaoru Abe

March 1970

Label: PSF Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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The earliest live recording of this Japanese free jazz saxophonist/loner catches him at an incendiary peak across two long, fully-gospelised/heavy tremolo wall-destroyers. Abe at his most Ayler/Wright-inspired. Liners list the backing as bass and drums, but it's actually piano and drums. Keiichi Chida on piano has a weird watery/cluster sound that's a little like Burton Greene's 60s recordings, while Kazunori Nitta's drumming is all splats and weights of blurry punctuation. Sounds fucking great. Highly recommended.
Cat. number: PSFD 56
Year: 1997
Recorded on March 15, 1970 at Pit Inn New Jazz Hall, Shinjuku, Tokyo.