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File under: MinimalImmersive


Music For Empty Rooms

Label: Morc Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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* 2021 stock. Edition of 100* As the fourth Lowered album, Music For Empty Rooms has a more expanded sonic palette to include piano, cello, tam tam, singing bowls and room recordings. However it retains the bleakly ascetic sound of previous works.  Developing themes of existential isolation that were explored on debut Lost Seas, new album Music For Empty Rooms takes personal experience as subject matter. The ‘empty rooms’ reference Gowers’ move to a new house in a strange town following the death of his wife. As such it is a meditation on loss, dislocation and the silence of absence.

Slow-motion chamber music, with silence as the conductor. ‘Music for empty rooms’ exploresthe nature of dissonance, resonance and silence, in response to experiential loss and displacement, using the unprocessed sounds of piano, singing bowls, tam-tam, cello and mostly room tones. A very intense but rewarding listening experience.

Chris Gowers's Lowered is a project of reeductive compositions of cello, piano, gong, singing bowls, field recordings.
File under: MinimalImmersive
Cat. number: Morc 80
Year: 2021