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File under: MoogElectronic

Gershon Kingsley

Music To Moog By

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Reissue of the first album by German-born composer Gershon Kingsley. Originally released by Audio Fidelity in the late '60s, this record introduced him -- previously known for his Moog concertos at Carnegie Hall -- to the record buying public. Kingsley is one of the original Moog pioneers, well known for his collaborations with French maestro Jean-Jacques Perrey & as composer of the famous '72 hit 'Popcorn.' This album features the original 'Popcorn' as well as other Kingsley originals such as 'Hey Hey,' 'Sheila,' 'Trumansburg Whistle' and some Beatles covers like 'Nowhere Man' and 'Paperback Writer.' A full blown Moog extravaganza, a collection of catchy songs, easy melodies, robotic rhythms and a wide array of frequencies; synthesizer tones which buzz, twitter and twine."

File under: MoogElectronic
Cat. number: WCD 001CD
Year: 1999

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