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Best of 2021
Musica Per Insiemi - 1
Musica Per Insiemi - 2
Musica Per Insiemi - 3
Best of 2021

Giovanni Di Domenico

Musica Per Insiemi (LP)

Label: Black Sweat Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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* In process of stocking * Tip! If it were possible to relate images with Giovanni Di Domenico's music, the most plausible would be those of forms painted with perfect balance and purity. Absolutely versatile and eclectic, the Italian composer has long accustomed us to sounds full of ecstatic tension, but pervaded with a refined and cyclical harmony of the parts. Musica Per Insiemi is the result of three recordings with three different ensembles, two more varied in terms of orchestral tones, one for organ only and female voices. In their different physiognomy, the tracks retain a common denominator of beauty. Di Domenico has firmly established the frame of reference in his compositions, the spine of ethereal movements of the piano and fender rhodes. The mood of the other instruments are attached by subtle stratifications, like a river from which its tributaries wind. In this way, the sound matter advances with the solemn calm and brilliance of the individual fragments. The variety of influences remains in the perennial expectation of minimalist whiteness, of contemporary arias with a Nordic flavor or scents of cosmic drones, but always results in a personal and mysterious overview. Edition of 300

Cat. number: BS067
Year: 2021

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