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Nature Morte - Excerpt 1
Nature Morte - Excerpt 2
Nature Morte - Excerpt 3
Nature Morte - Excerpt 4

Joni Void, N Nao

Nature Morte (LP)

Label: Laaps

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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* Edition of 200 12" Gold Vinyl. Hand numbered. * Joni Void & N NAO are the respective monikers of surrealists Jean Néant and Naomie de Lorimier from Montréal, Québec - who found each other in 2016 through a poetry-reading/performance by Naomie in Jean’s home at the time, a DIY loft-venue known as The Plant. This would lead to numerous events involving both, there and in many other Montréal underground spaces, until both finally worked on a collaborative piece for Joni Void’s album “Mise en Abyme” released in 2019 on Constellation Records, and began performing together as a duo following that. Nature Morte is their first collaborative album, where voice, tape samples & field-recordings meet montage & electronic production to form a collage of sorts, an abstract puzzle that unfolds both artists’ sound-worlds.

Cat. number: LAAPS007LP
Year: 2020

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