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Hermerzaphrodites (excerpt 1)
Hermerzaphrodites (excerpt 2)


Hermerzaphrodites (2CD)

Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD

In stock


An unusual Merzbow double CD album, in lovely (digipak) packaging! Two very different CDs bounded in one unique release. While on one disc the sounds are more "ambient style", with a free piano, many field recordings, far and rumbling rhythms and noises (The Piano Lento Ma Non Troppo Madness), the other disc's sounds are diving deep into "poly-rhythmics", continously beating and popping plus additional sequencing and 'exploding' sounds (The Pop-Corn Psychedelia). The soundtrack for a new psychedelic dance! Special "hermaphroditic" artwork by Lilian Pelizzari Giust, full of colours and hermaphroditic images for a complete psychedelic experience.

Cat. number: OECD 269
Year: 2019
Genre: Noise