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New Wave Copy Center / How is your Popo?

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: Vinyl 7

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The photocopier is a joy to work with — though not in your tiny apartment, and it can be expensive to maintain. That's precisely why copy centers are a great help! In Antwerp, Belgium, where Speedqueen is based, the cheapest copy centre was more akin to a darkroom than a help desk. Its two employees were depressed, almost identical goth sisters — they both had thick, red and black oil painted hair, white skin and dodgy piercings, tightly wrapped in black clothing. The smile had yet to be invented! Those were the days!The A side of this single is a tribute to this copy centre. The flip is a tribute to family values and rectal problematics — or a combination of both.

Cat. number: UE193
Year: 2015