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salvatore sciarrino

Orchestral Works
€ 26.00
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salvatore sciarrino - Orchestral Works

salvatore sciarrino

Orchestral Works

€ 26.00

GENRE: Compositional Form | FORMAT: CDx3 BOX | CATALOG N. 0012802KAI | YEAR. (2009)

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 “Orchestral Works” collects the best of the production of this Sicilian composer with eight pieces on 3 CDs: the box - entirely dedicated to Sciarrino - is the result of the collaboration between this musician and Rai Trade. "He searches for exeptional situations that throw the listeners back upon themselves. These can be deliberately designed to lead right to the edge of madness, but also to relaxed medidation. Just as silence counteracts the noise of everyday life, slowness is also a counterdesign to an accelerated present, and a reduction to a minimum of material is a response to the masses of data in the digital age." (Martina Seeber)

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Variazioni (1974) for violoncello and orchestra 22:51
Allegoria della notte (1985) for violin and orchestra 17:08
Frammento e Adagio (1991) for flute and orchestra
Frammento 10:06
Adagio 7:07

TT: 57:12

Morte di Borromini (1988) for orchetra and speaker 27:09
I fuochi oltre la ragione (1997) for orchestra 31:41

TT: 58:50

Recitativo oscuro (1999) for piano and orchestra 16:44
Il suono e il tacere (2004) for orchestra 17:35
Shadow of sound (2005) for orchestra 17:57

TT: 52:16