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Label: Megaphone

Format: CD

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Officer! is either Mick Hobbs (The WorkFamily Fodder,Half Japanese) alone or Mick Hobbs with friends. Ossificationis like an amazing party held at This Heat's Cold Storage Studio, with friends like Felix FiedorowiczTom CoraTim HodgkinsonBill GilonisZeena ParkinsPatrick Q, andCatherine Jauniaux. The output of this party is one of the most unusual, pleasurable, and character-filled "pop" records anyone has heard. Fourteen songs that contain the spirit of pop, rock, classical, medieval, avant garde, R.I.O., The Work, Family Fodder, This Heat, Look de BoukLegendary Pink DotsHenry Cow, and more. Ossification is a timeless anomaly in the history of recorded music. Remastered by Tim Dimuzio. Recorded in This Heat's Cold Storage Studio in 1984. Includes an eight-page lyric booklet.

Cat. number: meg025cd
Year: 2014

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