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Rhys Chatnam

Outdoor Spell

Label: Northern-Spy

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Rhys Chatham has trail-blazed a course through late 20th century music, equally aplomb in post-minimalist composition as he is in punk. Not since Roebling laid his span across the East River has there been an artist who builds bridges in both how we hear music and how we can appreciate art. His latest album, Outdoor Spell, is a further document in that direction. Here has has eschewed 100 guitars, or even himself playing a single guitar, for the trumpet and voice, both electrified and dry. It is an Earthquake Island for the 21st century, tugging at the corners of new ideas, taking in forms endemic to a shared imagination and renewing the beauty there. (Northen-spy)
Cat. number: NSLP 004
Year: 2011
4 panel digipak.

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