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Pain is on our side now

Label: Boring Machines

Format: 2x10"

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Father Murphy are back with an even more puzzling project than any other output from their recent past: two one-sided 10" containing two movements each, meant to be played simultaneously - or maybe not, because (just like they wrote in the liner notes) "you choose" and "never forget you have a choice". Recorded in the wonderful enviroment of a medieval castle in Itri and at Bombanella Soundscapes in Maranello, the EP is a concept of sorts about the many virtues of Failure and the chances we have to take all the time, every day. Father Murphy keep wandering off the beaten path, out in the dark, following their personal, almost incommunicable quest for truth and meaning - while probably they are doing all of this with their tongues firmly implanted in their cheeks. It is difficult to say. You choose.

Cat. number: BM051
Year: 2014

2 x one-sided 10" on gatefold cover + 8 page booklet titled "What About Failure?"
The two one-sided containing two movements each, meant to be played simultaneously.

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