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Ivan Wyschnegradsky

Quarter Tone Music - Musique Ultrachromatique

Label: Edition Block

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Sound Art

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Rare and long deleted double LP focused on the microtonal work of Ivan Wyschnegradsky. The result is one of the most unique concept albums ever created, presenting complex, strange, and beautiful atonalities perhaps only hinted of in the work of Wyschnegradsky's forebears (such as Harry Partch, Alois Haba, Julian Carrillo, Lou Harrison, La Monte Young, Ben Johnston, Terry Riley, Charles Ives, John Eaton, Henk Badings, etc.). This unique release is the opus magnum of Wyschnegradsky, containing the biggest part of his recorded on record works (with the rest of his discography being works appearing in a couple of compilations)!!

Cat. number: EB 107/8
Year: 1983

Gatefold cover. Pieces taken from concert in Paris, 7 January 1977. Tape recorded by Radio France. Composer authorized recordings. Composition dates: A1: 1934 / A2: 1966 / A3: 1961 / B1: 1958 / B2: 1956 / B3: 1934 / C1: 1946. A1 for 2 pianos. A2 for the 1/3 tone piano constructed by Julian Carillo. A3 for 2 pianos using 4 hands. B1 for cello and piano. B2 for piano solo. B3 for 2 pianos. C1 for 4 pianos.