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Quasispecies Four

Quasispecies Four

Label: Art Into Life

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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A document of a quartet session by Toshiji Mikawa(Incapacitants, hijokaidan), Hideaki Shimada(Agencement), Nobuo Yamada(Artbreakhotel), and Katsuyoshi Kou(Soundings), recorded at Hatchobori Nana Hari on April 28, 2012. At the time Hideaki Shimada (Agencement) had just started drawing again, and it was advertised that the session would be recorded and released as an LP using Shimada's artwork. Four twenty minute takes were recorded, and the LP includes two of these takes. The project title, Quasispecies Four, was inspired by the image of an indeterminate and neurotic noise performance. Limited edition of 250. Comes with an obi with attached string that encircles the whole jacket. On the rear is an insert with photographs from the performance.

Recorded live at Hatchobori Nana Hari on April 28, 2012

Cat. number: AIL010
Year: 2014

Recorded live at Hatchobori Nana Hari on April 28, 2012. Limited edition of 250.

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