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giacinto scelsi

Quattro illustrazioni / Suite N° 8 "Bot-Ba" / Cinque incantesi
€ 16.50
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giacinto scelsi - Quattro illustrazioni / Suite N° 8

giacinto scelsi

Quattro illustrazioni / Suite N° 8 "Bot-Ba" / Cinque incantesi

€ 16.50

GENRE: Compositional Form | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. WWE 1CD 20068 | YEAR. (2009)

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Crazy about the sound: the composer as a medium fHis bizarre way of composing earned Giacinto Scelsi not only fame and respect; he was also mockingly accused of dilettantism. Scelsi regarded himself not as a composer in the traditional sense, i.e. one to combine form, rhythm, pitch and sound in an intelligent way and note the result down on paper, but as a tool. His music was created during periods of meditative contemplation recorded by him on tape, to be noted down only afterwards. Eastern religions played an important part in his work; they also influenced the piano pieces assembled here. In Quattro Illustrazioni Scelsi illustrates four incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu; in the Suite No. 8 "Bot-Ba," on the other hand, he retires to the empty Tibetan highlands. But watch out: it is not only about meditation and contemplation but also about ritual procedures that culminate in rhythmic-energetic detonations. Proceeding from religion to magic: and indeed, his Cinque Incantesimi do seem like blazing, complex incantations. And Markus Hinterhäuser, the sorcerer at the piano, conjures up Scelsi himself! or transmitting messages from a transcendental reality.

Notes   Tracklisting
Markus Hinterhäuser, piano

Recordings: March 2000, February 2001, Munich
col legno · Bayerischer Rundfunk
 Quattro Illustrazioni (1953)
1  Shésha – Shàyi Vishnu 03:28 ♫
 2  Varaha – Avatàra 02:53
 3  Rama – Avatàra 02:54
 4  Krishna – Avatàra 04:22  
Suite No. 8 „Bot-Ba" (Tibet) (1952)
 5  I 03:02
 6  II 07:09
 7  III 04:43
 8  IV 05:24
 9  V 04:28
 10  VI 04:03  
Cinque Incantesimi (1953)  
 11  I Deciso imperioso 02:45 ♫
 12  II Presto – wild and strident 01:20
 13  III Agitato 01:24
 14  IV Lento-misterioso, soprannaturale 04:18
 15  V Wild and strident 02:01  
Total Time: 00:54:14