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Label: Kelippah

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Debut private press release in a run of only 300 copies for this otherworldly guitar-psych trio featuring Pat Murano (NNCK/Decimus/Key Of Shame), Carla Baker (Baba Yaga/Flower Orgy) and Santa Wolanczyk (Flower Orgy): Raajmahal are less focussed on the kind of low-level tectonics of NNCK et al and more on the levitation potential inherent in heavenly female vocals and endlessly glissing psychedelic guitar. The production style is total candy-floss soft focus and the guitars bloom into distant reverb shapes with alla the maximal bliss quotient of Shizuka’s Heavenly Persona or the more mind-melting shapes of Suishou No Fune. The music has an endless, forever repeating aspect, with waves of guitar tone crashing against hallucinatory shorelines in a way that reminds of the most esoteric exotica, with a dreamy euphoric atmosphere that builds around classic Japanese underground-fixated guitars. Baker’s vocals are gorgeous, with a haunted Euro exploitation appeal that comes straight out of the Bruno Nicolai songbook, that is if Schwingungen-era Ash Ra Temple were the Jess Franco house-band. The guitar interactions are so spaced out, so languorously beautiful, it’s like falling into a stoned reverie, with occasional lightning flashes of steel illuminating the slow wheeling chords while Baker parts the clouds and breathes gentle sunbeams all over the track, now a choir of sirens off the shore of Polynesia, now a European chanteuse, now a puff of pure reverb. In the grand tradition of Ash Ra Temple the LP presents two side-long tracks that navigate the same zone of flickering F/X-blown heavenly guitar jams and melting, otherworldly female vocals. Imagine Shizuka soundtracking Eugenie De Sade with Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser at the controls and you have pretty much your dream psychedelic summit. Stunningly beautiful, endlessly psychedelic, sleeves silkscreened by Phil Franklin (Sunburned Hand Of The Man) and Christine Shields – highly recommended! Volcanic Tongue

Cat. number: kel009LP
Year: 2012

Linited to 300 copies

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