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The Triumph of the Will (excerpt)

Maurizio Bianchi

The Triumph of the Will

Label: Menstrualrecordings

Format: LP + 7"

Genre: Noise

Out of stock

First ever official vinyl re-issue of the infamous "Triumph of the Will" LP.  Also the track contained on the one sided 7" is officially re-issued here for the first time on vinyl! The material contained here was previously issued under the moniker Leibstandarte SS MB.
The moniker Leibstandarte SS MB and the nazi speeches that were added to the music were used without Maurizio Bianchi knowledge and without his consent. William Bennett, head of the band Whitehouse and the British Come Org. label, offered Bianchi a record contract, which Bianchi signed unchecked. It was based on a "joke contract" that Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound had sketched. The contract assumed all rights to Bianchi's work. After delivery of the tapes Bennett edited-in speeches by Nazi leaders, and instead of the relatively unsensational name MB, it was published under the alias Leibstandarte SS MB, named after the SS unit that worked as bodyguards to Adolf Hitler! The music is harsh electronics sometimes touching the levels of noise.

Cat. number: LH75
Year: 2016

Paste on cover. Includes an insert with an original 1982 artwork by M.B. . Edition of 300 numbered copies. 

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