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Radio Myanmar (Burma)

Label: Sublime Frequencies

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

In stock

This entry in the Sublime Frequencies world Radio series -- where the producers simply feature samples of radio programs from shortwave or other sources -- appears at a very strange time in the nation of Myanmar's history: immediately in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, which wiped out tens of thousands of people and left countless others homeless. In fact, as this is being written and the album is on the headphones, it feels completely crazy to listen to music from such a mishmash of Asian cultures being jammed together radio-style. The photograph on the back is of a traffic gridlock that offers a sliver of the complexity of this culture. From funk, country, and folk music to talk shows, commercials, and classical music, Myanmar is reflected as a vibrant, colorful place where culture is as widespread as it is anywhere else.
Cat. number: SF044
Year: 2008
"This is a special opportunity for listeners to delve behind the headlines and into the airwaves; to hear for themselves the sounds, rhythms, and voices of urban Burma's radio experience, unfiltered by the international press or state-spokesmen." - Sublime Frequencies A collection of Burmese radio transmissions recorded in Yangon during March and April of 2007 by Geoff Hawryluk. Additional segments recorded by Alan Bishop 1994-2002.

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