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James Ferraro

Rapture adrenaline

Label: Hundebiss

Format: DVD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Originally released on a limited critically acclaimed VHS edition, this succulent re-issue present an exclusive extra, WELCOME TO CANDYLAND, an interview with the author and, at the same time, an exciting voyage through some cult virtual-hyper-reality-simulacro. The OJ chase, Hollywood forever cemetery, Dr. Phil are just some ingredients of this delicious visual trippy cake.
The movie RAPTURE ADRENALINE is an educational mixtape program, a cyber marine combat training video designed through primitive editing techinques. Operating mythological transformations of popular movie iconography, it reaches the merging point of the magical and the political.

Co-production between HUNDEBISS VISIONS & MUSIC CITY

Cat. number: HO12
Year: 2012
Limited Edition 500 Copies

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