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File under: Antiart


Solo Piano

Label: Hundebiss

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock


Popol Gluant is the obscene creature of Hendrik Hegray, the guy with moustache behind the observatory for contemporary outsider drawings called Nazi Knife. Pretty infamous for his own intense live performances, Hendrik collected a lot of tapes during the years but he relly can't edit so he decided to send a selection of some crappy cassettes with some notes to ST at Hundebiss Records. The result is a fluorescent creeping lava, moving from schizoid collage to droney obsession for coming back in a burlesque avant-garde parody. Lovely cover as usual, with a hand cut paper, silkscreened vinyl Ltd. edition of 300

File under: Antiart
Cat. number: H007
Year: 2010

Ltd. edition of 300

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