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Resoundings - excerpt 1
Resoundings - excerpt 2
Resoundings - excerpt 3
Resoundings - excerpt 4
File under: Improvised Music


Resoundings +

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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"This recording from 1985 of the trio consisting of AMM percussionist Eddie Prevost, bassist Tony Moore, and soprano sax player Peter McPhail is an outstanding recording of avant-garde jazz which documents a trio of improvisers maximizing their focus on interplay and invention.
This album will appeal to fans of avant-garde jazz and European improvisation, as well as listeners of bebop. The energy and interplay are most striking aspects of this recording, and, while it is very distinctively footed in the avant-garde cannon, it stays closer to traditional jazz then some of Eddie Prevost's more challenging recordings, such as his work with AMM and Evan Parker." - Dean McFarlane

Cat. number: MRCD08
Year: 2000

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