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Frans de Waard, Giuseppe Ielasi, Roel Meelkop, Howard Stelzer


Label: PORT

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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The Dutch word zondag translates as Sunday in English and indeed these improvisations were recorded in a single day, a Sunday in January 2005. Quite in contrast with the speed of the recording, the recordings themselves were then shelved for no less than 2,5 years before they were revised by Roel Meelkop in June 2007. This CD, smartly packed in cardboard material as used for cardboard boxes, lists exactly who does what on the sleeve. Meelkop plays on Roland SH-101, Ielasi plays guitar, De Waard plays his trusty and ancient Korg MS-20 and Stelzer does what he does best on cassettes. Despite the noisy bits and pieces on Zondag, the sound and feel of the music is remarkably open and even tranquil. With four personalities at the helm there is a huge risk that egos take over and all good intentions are drowned in a pool of muddy noise. Luckily Zondag is nothing like that. In all, Zondag is a great listen, restrained and well-played. With not a dull moment in sight, this album will turn any Sunday into a lovely quiet fun-day
Cat. number: PTCD 003
Year: 2008

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