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santasede - Santasede



€ 14.00

GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CDx3 | CATALOG N. Le Souffleur 74 | YEAR. (2012)

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Santasede is Tiff Lion (electronics, voice, acoustic instruments) and Raymond Dijkstra (acoustic instruments). This first born avant garde outing is an account of the freeflow exchange of kundalini energy of Tiff Lion (aka Tying Tiffany) and Raymond Dijkstra (persona non grata of experimental underground).
Surreal, dreamy, psychedelic, cosmic: the music has an obscure and surreal character hard to categorize. It certainly has filmic qualities, if only as a film of the inner-eye. The music has a psychedelic touch and elements of esotericism by its use of sitar, (primitively played) tabla and highly reverberated string instruments. The reciting of old Italian Alchemistic texts by Tiff Lion links the music further to a dark spirituality. There is a great emphasis on acoustic instrumentation played in a raw manner (among others piano-strings) giving the whole record a very rudimentary character. The use of electronics is done in such a way that its often impossible to divide acoustic and electronic sounds. The electronic instrumentation thus emphasizes the rawness of the acoustic sounds. Highly recommended for lovers of psychedelic music.

 10 Inch record Vanilla white vinyl with dash of brown (every exemplar has a different dash so every exemplar is unique) Vinyl-record weight: 160 grams. 45 Rpm. Limited edition of 250 ex. With personalized downloadcard. October 2012.

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