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Russell Haswell

Scandinavian parts (immersive live salvage supplement)

Label: Ideal Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The size of the stage, position of the equipment, monitor position and height, hall architecture and acoustics, capacity and attendance, temperature and humidity, and sound level (dB) or Leq Meter limiting all varied from event to event. Each of the final recordings documents the performed audio output, each hall's acoustics, the audience's reaction, and their proximity to the recorder, all from an onstage position, while retaining the auditorium's spatial impression. Recordings failed, or didn't take place on 9 occasions. (November 16, 2010) (Slightly Revised: December 2, 2010. No edits, No crossfades. Performed + Recorded + Produced + Compiled + Mastered by Russell Haswell.
Cat. number: ideal 099cd
Year: 2012