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Alvin Curran, Paolo Tofani, Mauro Tespio


Label: Cramps Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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A deep investigation of a very few simple principles: acoustic instruments rub ambiguously up against electrified objects and electronics, but these in the main provide atmosphere and harmonic complexity. Taking its cue from John Cage, the trio began sticking contact mics to anything that sounded and amplified their raw sounds. Awesome! "New release for Alvin Curran, Paolo Tofani and Mauro Tespio : Electrifying all the objects is the common interest of those three artists. We could say that represents the bridge between the ancient music experience and the present music technology : "Technology is one of those myths that return cyclically to haunt all of us, now then and surely in the future... ... with the later I began to record the world or sound around me, knowing intuitively that it was an on-going and never-ending symphony of immense beauty..." Cramps

Cat. number: CRSCD1112
Year: 2012

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