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Mirages - excerpt 1
Mirages - excerpt 2
Mirages - excerpt 3

Jean-Benoît Dunckel, Jonathan Fitoussi

Mirages (LP)

Label: The Vinyl Factory

Format: LP

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Electronic musicians Jean-Benoît Dunckel (of Air fame) and Jonathan Fitoussi have joined forces to release Mirages, a sonic exploration of analogue synthesis, released on The Vinyl Factory. Born inside the studio which Xavier Veilhan built as part of the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017, the album was finished in Dunckel’s Paris-based studio, and features synthesisers amassed over several years, including an Arp 2600, PPG Wave, Synthi A, Buchla, Yamaha CS60, Korg MS20. Moving from the minimal to the cinematic, as Joseph Ghosn says: “Between start and finish, a singular floating and inventive pop music unfolds. An upgraded form of instrumental electronic music, that takes the listener very far, and very high, perfectly mixing both musicians world.”

Cat. number: VF311
Year: 2019
Genre: Sound Art
File under: Sound installation