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Controlled Bleeding

Shanked And Slithering

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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"Nearly 80 minutes of the most animalistic and violent industrial noise to ever crack the crust of the earth. Compiles and reworks early and unreleased out of print noise classics as well as brand new noise aberrations. For fans of early Controlled Bleeding ala Knees And Bones And Bladder Bags!" - Hospital Productions.
Cat. number: HOS-099
Year: 2004
Tracks 1 & 11 are part of an ongoing series that began in 1983, signalling the first piece we put to tape. These two tracks were recorded in 1990 and recently remixed and re-edited.

Tracks 3 & 4 were recorded in 2002 as part of an unreleased 20 track suite.

Track 5 was partially recorded in 1985, then finished for this album in August 2004. Sections of the track appeared in a very different form on the first Dry Lungs compilation, issued in 1985 by Placebo records.

Track 6 is an unreleased recording from 1985.

Tracks 7 & 8 were recorded in 1986 and appear on Bladder Bags and Interludes issued in Japan through Vanilla Records.

Track 12 was recorded in 1986 and is an unreleased track from the Bladder Bags and Interludes sessions.

Track 9 is an excerpt from a 20 minute piece issued on the Inanition cd, 1996 Hypnotic Records.

Track 10 is a reworking of a song recorded for the Breast Fed Yak project, but here, it has been carved up.

Track 13 is an ending...

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