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Shi wo Haramu Koe

Label: Horen

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental



** 2021 Stock ** This recording was designed by Yasushi Utsunomiya, a brilliant engineer, using the newly proposed "Autonomulti" method. The DVD contains eight independent channels: the sound of the duo Nanaentai performing on the third floor of the building Shin-Imamiya Nichiuchi Building, Osaka (4 channels), the sound on the second floor below where they perform (2 channels), and the environmental sound on the roof of the building (2 channels). The interleaved 8-channel data DVD contains 8 independent channels.

The interleaved 8-channel version of the data DVD is designed to allow the viewer to freely construct the field and listening space, making it a unique and innovative work with a variety of possibilities.

Cat. number: MIMI-777777
Year: 2019

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