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SMDSii - Excerpt 1
SMDSii - Excerpt 2
SMDSii - Excerpt 3
SMDSii - Excerpt 4

Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki


Label: Kotä

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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** Edition of 150. 2021 Stock ** There are two ways to use sound: in one way sound is close to music, however, it is also close to sculpture. In fact, it is not the medium that’s important but that you have a beginning and an end and that you can move around in the space. Noise is a material aspect of sound. SMDSii is an exploration of noise, space and time - as they are constituted formally through sound as well as through the tangential relations within and between audiences and the practice of listening.

This work continues to build upon my interest in relationships between sound and body. Noise is an essentially relational concept. SMDSii considers the potential of sound to relate to social and spatial. The work proceeds from the understanding that noise gives an opening within space and time, with the potential to transform the connection between audience, environment, and the practice of listening. If you want to sit, and if you have a beginning and an end - you are immersed in the art of time, like sound or video. If you can move around, you are in the art of space – you are not in front of something, rather you are inside something – a disintegration of sound using spectral processing towards a meditative state.

Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki based in Los Angeles, California.
She works in the field of interdisciplinary arts, primarily dealing with video, photography, and sound. Ekat has presented work in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Los Angeles.
EBY's practice forensically explores human behavioural, states of mind and feelings through observing, isolating and analysing emotions over a concentrated period of time. Mixing still and moving image, sculpture, sound and spoken word poetry EBY creates psychologically charged scenarios dealing with human desires. 

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Year: 2020