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Smirne (tape)

Label: Ebria Records

Format: tape

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Inspired by the philosophy of George Gurdjieff, whose mystic meditations surely linger in the magick of their work, Smirne was born as a open minded experimental project. Generated by the fusion of different realities, the line-up at the time of the debut is composed of Andrea Reali and Tiziano Doria, members of Lavorazioni Carni Rosse, together with Anna Vezzosi and Cesare Lopopolo, from the electro-acoustic duo Rosso Polare. A thin line between improvisation, electronic exploration and Aegean Müzik unites the group under the moniker of Smirne, sister of the ancient and bygone city of Troy.

Pogossian and I were calmly walking along. He was humming some march and swinging his stick. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a dog appeared, then another, and another, and still another — in all about fifteen sheep-dogs, who began barking at us. Pogossian imprudently flung a stone at them and they immediately sprang at us. They were Kurd sheep-dogs, very vicious, and in another moment they would have torn us to pieces if I had not instinctively pulled Pogossian down and made him sit beside me on the road. Just because we sat down the dogs stopped barking and springing at us; surrounding us, they also sat down...

Cat. number: Bronto 012
Year: 2020

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