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The Game of Changes (Box Set)

Label: Black Sweat Records

Format: Box Set

Genre: Brazilian


Persona's "The Game of Changes" was created by artist Roberto Campadello in the early 1970s. The game consists of a semi-reflective mirror, two candles and a 10 Inch disc. This game of light, shadow, reflection and transparency, allied to an immersive soundtrack, causes the players' faces to merge and create a new creature with each movement, where there is no longer you or me, only You. To compose the soundtrack Roberto invited Luiz Carlini, who called his partners from Tutti-Frutti, Lee Marcucci and Franklyn Paolillo, and together with Roberto, his wife Carmen Flores and a troupe of intronauts, recorded what is one of the most experimental moments in Brazilian music to date. This reissue has been remastered from the original tapes and contains two bonus songs, unreleased on vinyl, a 24-page booklet full of images and stories from the era, and a poster with instructions for the game.

Reissue of the Mutations Game containing:
-Persona - LP Sound
-Booklet with 24 pages in full color
-Poster with instructions (70x50cm)
-Persona mirror (31x26cm)
-Supports for the mirror 
-Two candles
-Safety shields for the candles
-Catwoman box

Cat. number: BS049-BOX SET
Year: 2021

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