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matteo nasini

Sparkling Matter (Lp)
€ 16.50
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matteo nasini - Sparkling Matter (Lp)

matteo nasini

Sparkling Matter (Lp)

€ 16.50

LABEL: Yard Press
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. YP002 | YEAR. (2018)

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Starting from the study on the state of active consciousness during various behavioral stages of sleep, Matteo Nasini focuses on the possibility of transforming the brainwaves of a sleeping into sound. Sparkling Matter is a cyclical horizon and potentially infinite, fertile ground on which sculptural objects, patterns of visual elements and sound data to be processed in a live stream..
"Deriving from the recording of brain waves during the sleep phase translated into synthetic sounds by a specific software, this music nevertheless does not bear resemblance to that of Alvin Lucier, who pioneered these types of experimentation by following different coordinates. For Nasini, the activity of the unconscious mind represents a source of tenderly vibrant sonorities whose appearance – to remain inside the Lovely Music scope – often recalled yours truly of David Behrman (in spirit; not in actual acoustic similitude). It’s a microcosm of pleasant oscillations, soothing chords zooming in and out, chiming tones, pseudo-marine washes and much else. The textural entirety is occasionally spotted by glimpses of noisier emissions, still well within the oneiric ambit from which the whole was born." (Touching Extremes)

“In order to observe deep sleep and the mystery surrounding it, in Sparkling Matter the musical composition has completely been delegated to the act of thinking in its more unknown form, when the mind is free to dream. This open-ended exploration of the unknown gave voice to the diverse states of consciousness. 
Fourteen electrodes have been used to monitor the electrochemical activity of the brain. Each one of them is able to send an independent signal to a conversion software. These programs transform, in real time, the encephalogram data into signals recognizable by an audio software, which translates them into sound”. (Matteo Nasini)

Vinyl is produced by Marsèll.

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