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Armpit - excerpt
Claypipe - excerpt
Pumice & CJA - excerpt
The Strange Girls - excerpt


Speaker Crackle In The Garden (Book + CD)

Label: Discreet Music

Format: Book + CD

Genre: Experimental

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**Edition of 300 copies** Next-level DIY print publication from Gothenburg’s IDDB label head and Discreet Music co-owner Matthias Andersson who’s thankfully taken it upon himself to document the tricky to navigate but dripping with intrigue New Zealand lathe cut scene.  Speaker Crackle In The Garden originally ran for a short series in fanzine Fördämning, but here it’s been expanded to cover no less than 83 individual micro-releases from the likes of Armpit, The Drugs, Entlang, Little Skull, The Dead C and so many more I’ve definitely never heard of.  There’s something really tantalising for me about reading descriptions of records I know I’ll never be able to buy or hear, letting my brain imagine the good bits and omit any rubbish.  Luckily though, Matthias writes with genuine fanzine enthusiasm and a willingness to share his accumlated findings, keeping each review punchy, concise and informative and (more importantly) totally swerving any hint of wafty exclusivity or gatekeeperyness (?) that could have easily crept in here.  I’ve a huge amount of respect for anyone willing and passionate enough to take the time to put something like this together - highest recommend.  Comes with CD compiled by Clayton Noone (Heavy Space / Root Don Lonie For Cash / Armpit +++)..

Speaker Crackle In The Garden was a feature on New Zealand lathe cuts that ran in the last six issues of the Gothenburg fanzine Fördämning. This publication is a continuation of that, a review guide to 83 lathe cuts from New Zealand featuring releases from artists like Surface Of The Earth, Tanaka-Nixon Meeting, Armpit, Pumice, Birchville Cat Motel, Bruce Russell, The Drugs, New Zealand Guitar Orchestra, White Saucer, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Antony Milton, Oistraka, Omit plus many more, and labels like Headshy, High Tension House, Precious Metal, World Resources, CMR, Root Don Loonie For Cash, PseudoArcana, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Trinder, Crawlspace, Independent Woman Records etc. 60 text-heavy pages.


Cat. number: n/a
Year: 2021

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