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Charlemagne Palestine


Label: Idiosyncratics

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Our favorite shaman comes back with a new solo album. This awesome full length album by Charlemagne solo has been recorded especially for idiosyncratics. It has been brilliantly engineered by our long term associate Fredéric Alstadt (Angström Studio) and mixed by maestro Aymeric De Tapol. The artwork is an original collaboration between Charlemagne Palestine, labelboss Yannick Franck and Frau label designer Helena Dietrich, immortalized by photographer Laurent Meurice. It comes with a color 3 panels cardboard and includes the download of the digital version (in the format you want).

Cat. number: IDCD 010
Year: 2017

“Charlemagne Palestine releases this absorbing 51 minute dronescape that's at once enormous and intimate - and easily a career highlight” Rolling Stone #7 Best Avant Albums of 2015.
“Not only my favourite record of 2015, but maybe the best work I have ever heard from Mr. Palestine” Jim O’Rourke (Wire magazine, dec 2015).
“One of the very best releases in the American maverick’s recent output” Touching Extremes

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