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Sunlimit - excerpt 1
Sunlimit - excerpt 2
Sunlimit - excerpt 3

Mlin Patz

Sunlimit (12")

Label: Muscut

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**300 copies** Mlin Patz is a solo project of Chillera band member Polina Matskevych (electric guitar), an outlet for her experiments with sound collages, field recordings and dub sound — all accompanied by a warm southern guitar sound. Sunlimit — exotic electronic dub with electric guitar and tape hiss, can be used for both — for listening rooms or dancefloors. Inspired by well-known dub pioneers and recent RAMZi, Jan Shulte and Don't DJ. Perfectly comes together with Chillera - Pro Fun 10" on the same release date.
Cat. number: Muscut 13
Year: 2019