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The beauty bath

Label: Rockatansky Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Out of stock

This is another landmark of the most respected artist in today's noise scene, Aaron Dilloway. Atmospheric and beautifully simple, a pure tape composition stands out his crude and intense nature. Nothing ever released like this before. Comes with the flyer of Aaron dilloway and Hanson Records 20 years anniversary exhibition "Archive" at gallery haus in Tokyo which can get only at here. Plus we have a special package comes with very limited "Archive" exhibition catalog zine book which also can get here only. Don't miss it.

Editions of 250 copies only

"a selection of quietly expressive, haptic tape compositions as crude as they are beautifully simple. Like experiencing a magical episode of sleep paralysis, Dilloway's tactile and patient approach holds us close and still with what could be the teasing whistles of poltergeist and the murmurs of EVP channelled and rubbed into creased, unspooling loops, largely forgoing sudden gestures in favour of a softly softly, layered technique. There are noisier parts used to increase the intensity, but it's actually more intense when it's at its quietest, most suspenseful, drawing us further into the eerie gloom and acousmatic surroundings. Amazing stuff" Boomkat

Cat. number: RR-011
Year: 2013
Genre: Electronic

250 copies only.