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Aaron Dilloway

Modern Jester

Label: Hanson Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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CD edition of 2012's double LP. Tape loops, percussion, synthesizer, junk, voice, and tape FX "Modern Jester" is quite possibly the culmination of everything we've heard from Dilloway that's come before it. A hyper-focused monolithic double LP that distills all past phases of inspiration into a harrowing, but strangely beautiful journey.” Fred Thomas, All Music Guide
"From short bursts to long-form, hallucinatory epics, it's a sprawling collection that highlights every facet of Dilloway's considerable arsenal. One of the album's two side-long attacks, ‘Look Over Your Shoulder’ is a lurid, subtly shifting piece with disembodied vocals and a barrage of extra-terrestrial tones that slithers into your cerebral cortex atop a funeral rhythm." Jeff Conklin, East Villiage Radio
Aaron Dilloway on tape loops, percussion, synthesizer, junk, voice, and tape FX. Recorded 2008--2011. 500 copies. Silkscreened gatefold sleeve. Note: With the exception of one track ('Eight Cut Scars'), this is a completely different release than the cassette title of the same name. Every second of this recording contains subliminal messages."

Cat. number: HN 250 CD
Year: 2013

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