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The Boundaries of Intimacy - excerpt 1
The Boundaries of Intimacy - excerpt 2
The Boundaries of Intimacy - excerpt 3
The Boundaries of Intimacy - excerpt 4

Frank Denyer

The Boundaries of Intimacy

Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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The Boundaries of Intimacy foregrounds works that are very restrained and quiet, but as always with Frank Denyer, there is a sense of tension or danger in the air that occasionally explodes and cuts across the music.

"Most of the music on this CD is soft, some of it very soft indeed. To achieve the optimal listening level, think of the musicians as being just over the other side of the room in which you are listening, rather than in another grander space. Imagine them performing intimately, without amplification, and often in an under-voice in order not to disturb the neighbours. This will give you a realistic idea of the listening level. You may find it takes a few minutes to get used to it, but your ears will soon re-adjust." - Frank Denyer

1 - Mother, Child and Violin (2005) - Juliet Fraser (soprano), Layla (child vocalist), Janneke van Prooijen (violin)
2-7 - Two Female Singers and Two Flutes (2013) - Juliet Fraser & Sophie Fetokaki (voices), Jos Zwaanenberg & Carlos Anez (flutes)
8 - Piece for Koto version 2 (1975) - Nobutaka Yosjizawa, koto
9 - Piece for Koto version 1 (1975) - Nobutaka Yosjizawa, koto
10 - String Quartet (2017/18) - Luna String Quartet: Janneke van Prooijen & Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violins), Elisabeth Smalt (viola), Katharina Gross (cello)
11 - Beyond the Boundaries of Intimacy - (2015) - Jos Zwaanenberg (flute & electronics)
12-13 - Frog (1974) - Elisabeth Smalt (sneh)
Cat. number: at148
Year: 2019

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