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Frank Denyer

Silenced Voices

Label: Mode

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional Form

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The Barton Workshop & others. Frank Denyer & James Fulkerson, music directors. 'Woman, Viola and Crow' (2004) with Elisabeth Smalt, muted viola, voice, percussion sounds. 'Two Beacons' (2005) with Harma Everts, voice; Boris Visser, muted violin; Rozemarie Heggen, muted double-bass; Neil Sorrell, sarangi; Tobias Liebezeit & Juan Martinez Cortès, percussion; Jos Zwaanenburg, Melkorta Olafsdottir, Ayano Akubo, flutes; Joeri de Vente, horn; Yula Andrews, Ella Dangerfield, Catherine Guy, Lucinda Guy, Hannah Guyon, Lotti Jullien, Lona Kozic, Beth Minhinnett, Imogene Newland, Andrea Rushton, Rebecca Willson, female voices; Michael Bassett, Christopher Best, Sam Cullen, Richard Gonski, Michael Neil, Patrick Ozzard-Low, Kordian Tetkov, Ian Wellens, Trevor Wiggins, male voices. 'Tentative Thoughts, Silenced Voices' (2002-3) with Marieke Keser, muted violin, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, muted viola, voice; Jose Garcia Rodrigues, Indian santur; Tobias Liebezeit & Juan Martinez Cortès, percussion; Christopher Best, voice with whistling tube; Trevor Wiggins, voice with six reeds; Patrick Ozzard-Low, voice with eunuch flute; Gertjan Loot, off-stage trumpet. 'Ghosts Again' (2004-5) with Marieke Keser, muted violin; Yula Andrews, voice; Jos Zwaanenburg, flute; John Anderson, clarinet; Juan Martinez Cortès & Jose Garcia Rodrigues, percussion; Christopher Best, Richard Gonski, Patrick Ozzard-Low, Michael Bassett, Ian Wellens, Trevor Wiggins, voices & percussion staves. 'Frank Denyer's music doesn't adhere to any easily-defined aesthetic prescripts, and the four recent works on this disc resist categorization and ready comparison to the work of other composers.
Cat. number: mode 198
Year: 2008

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