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Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

The Ecstatic Exchange

Label: Sloow Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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A rare chance to hear Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore reading (and accompanying himself on zither) from his classic collection of shamanic poetry ‘Dawn Visions’, originally published by City Lights back in 1964, when the author was in his early twenties. The poems were written during explorations of mind and space in Mexico and California. As Moore describes it, a period of “immersion on the ocean of poetic inspiration, my near drowning in a sudden flood of imagery and pushing further and further, almost under water in it, surfacing to sing.” From a similar well sprung The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, which Moore founded in 1966, blending Zen Buddhism, music and dance of eastern folk theatre and Antonin Artaud into higher dimensions, performing their plays at night, in an amphitheater in North Berkeley, by torchlight.
In 1970 he renounced written poetry and became a sufi, traveling widely in Morocco, Spain, Algeria and Nigeria. Moore broke his silence in the early eighties and has since published numerous spiritually informed books, from which a couple recent poems are here included as well. 100 copies.

Another massive public service release from Sloow Tapes’ underground poetry wing, this time from Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, reading from his classic text, Dawn Visions, originally published by City Lights in 1964 when the author was in his early-twenties: Moore accompanies himself on zither throughout, creating the kind of miasmic psychedelic atmosphere associated with The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company which Moore founded in 1966, incorporating Zen, world volk music and dance and the theories of Antonin Artaud alongside collaborators like Angus MacLise and Louise Landes Levi. In 1970 Moore renounced written poetry and became a Sufi and set out to travel the world, only breaking his silence in the early-80s when he went on to publish many works of poetry and prose. The Ecstatic Exchange also includes some more recent material, making it the perfect career-spanning work of one of the central figures in to come out of the multi-disciplinary tumult of the 1960s. Edition of 100 copies, recommended! (Volcanic Tongue)
Cat. number: CS 50
Year: 2012