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The Memory Room - excerpt 1
The Memory Room - excerpt 2
The Memory Room - excerpt 3
The Memory Room - excerpt 4


The Memory Room

Label: Meakusma

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


The Memory Room is a joint release by Meakusma and Ash International. The Album documents the field recording Workshop led by Mike Harding and Chris Watson that took place during the 2018 Meakusma Festival. Harding, Watson and the seven participants of the workshop recorded the unique ambience of the High Fens - Eifel Nature Park during pre-dawn and post-sunset sessions, manifesting the hidden sonic world available to them with contact microphones. The recording sessions quickly turned into a labor of love for all participants and the results are stunning, unearthing a deeply emotive and detailed recorded impression of the High Fens.


CD comes in a shrink-wrapped digipak and includes a 26-page booklet with pictures from the High Fens. Recordings and photography 7–9 September 2018 at High Fens – Eifel Nature Park for Meakusma 2018, Eupen, Belgium, by Steffen Bennemann, Jasmin Blasco, Peter Caeldries, Maike Effenberg, Mike Harding, Maxim Hoebreckx, Pepa Ivanova, Louise Le Du and Chris Watson. Mixed at The Dungeon, Los Angeles, October–November 2018. Mastered by Simon Scott at SPS. Designed by Philip Marshall, London, October 2018.

Cat. number: MEA028
Year: 2019

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