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Strings - excerpt 1
Strings - excerpt 2

Juhani Aaltonen, Otto Donner

Strings (Lp)

Label: Svart

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Strings is one of the best known and best loved Finnish jazz albums from the 70s, but annoyingly difficult to find on vinyl. The Svart reissue presents the album mastered for vinyl from the original tapes and comes with new liner notes. From 1970 until 1974 Otto Donner, one of the founders of Love Records, worked as the director of the entertainment section of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The idea for Strings came up during that time when Juhani Aaltonen and Donner ran into each other at Yle. Aaltonen told Donner that he’d like to record Donner’s compositionsfor an entertainment program. The duo ended up creating the album Strings, instead. Strings is a lyrical, spiritual work, with Aaltonen’s virtuoso saxophone floating on top of strings led by Donner. It is far more easier listening than most albums Aaltonen’s been part of, but no less captivating.

"A wonderful "with strings" session from 70s Finland – one that features the tenor and flute of Juhani Aaltonen alongside larger backings from Otto Donner! Altonen's got a really powerful approach to his instruments that works beautifully with the set – a voice that's especially strong on tenor, filled with angular shadings, bold statements, and a mix of modern and soulful modes that's really compelling. His work steps out brilliantly in front of Donner's arrangements – with a pride and power that reminds us a bit of Stanley Turrentine at the time, but a bit more modern overall" Dustygroove

Cat. number: SVR426
Year: 2018

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