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Part III For most acoustic environments, the audio will transmit in a uniform and outwardly manner. However, in certain instances, non-linear patterns may result that create unfamiliar sensory processing or emotional respo
Part II In the majority of circumstances, the audio itself has no inherent symbolism but can be used to accompany symbolic activities and traditional non-traditional practices. Otherwise, it can be delivered for aesthetic
Part I When approached from a distance to the point of origin, the audio delivers non-lyrical sounds that avoid any discernable narrative in favour of arrangements with unlimited iterations. Mausim


...The New Humanity (LP)

Label: HP Cycle Records

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

RIYL: Sounds emanating from a dimly lit basement, watching science documentaries on mute, mumbled conversations on a subway train, self-taught circular breathing techniques, etc. Stunning!

**Edition of 247 copies** Trying to communicate something abstract using an unfamiliar language and the message becomes just sound. The sound is amplified yet it brings no further clarity. It is still just sound, dense and ever shifting. Pause for a breath. Start to become aware of the physicality of its construction. Simple moments reflect off one another. Subtle movements alter each cascading layer. Another step forward and turn. The electrical pulses transmit outward while the signals overlap into a distorted reality. Take in the air as it gradually dissipates. The final phase emerges, enveloping all and pushing beyond consciousness. Visualization takes hold but uncertainty remains. Is it the end or the beginning? Is this the new humanity?

Cat. number: HP 2000/27-7
Year: 2020

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