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The Sound of Sadism (2LP)

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: 2LP

Genre: Electronic

Preorder: To be released in late May 2021


** Edition of 250. Deluxe foil block cover on 180 gram vinyl ** The classic rests on 180 gram vinyl for the first time. originally released on the noble compact disc format as a co-release between malsonus and crowd control activities. commissioned and complied by Jonathan Canady. Controversial when it came out and controversial now, it could not be better suited for our current end-times. The sound of sadism is part of the holy trinity of classic 90’s wide spread compilations alongside cold meat industry’s ‘the absolute supper’ and release entertainments ‘the japanese american noise treaty’ surfacing from the depths of the underground but with an elevated presentation serving as a gateway bringing the most taboo electronic subcultures to the wider audience of extreme metal and industrial maniacs searching for ‘something more’. Hardening over time, 'the sound of sadism' reminds to the era when power electronics was based on substance and content while the sounds manifested in a plethora of idiosyncrasies, non musical obsessions, and personalities. Each track leaps from a different propensity for violence as ‘erotic destiny’. a who’s who of american and european power electronics, 'the sound of sadism' combines still obscure acts alongside legends from highlights such as artists such as Deathpile, Atrax Morgue, Bloodyminded and a rare appearance of vocals from Skin Crime.


Cat. number: n/a
Year: 2021

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