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The Wildest Guitar - excerpt 1
The Wildest Guitar - excerpt 2
The Wildest Guitar - excerpt 3
File under: guitar

Mickey Baker

The Wildest Guitar (LP)

Label: Music On Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**2019 stock, reduced price** Mickey Baker, also known as Mickey "Guitar" Baker, was an American guitarist. He is widely held to be a critical force in the bridging of rhythm and blues and rock and roll, along with Bo Diddley, Ike Turner and Chuck Berry. His musical style was influenced by saxophonist Charlie Parker. In the 50s Baker did sessions with The Drifters, Ray Charles, Ruth Brown, Big Joe Turner, Louis Jordan and many more artists. During this time, Baker played on numerous hit records. As part of the pop duo Mickey & Sylvia, he had a hit single with Love Is Strange in 1956. In the late 50s Baker had the chance to show off his virtuosity on guitar on his first solo album, The Wildest Guitar. Originally released in 1959, the all-instrumental LP also displayed his arranging talent and musical ideas. The music is a blend of both jazz and pop, backed by a solid beat that makes it both musically exciting and attention-getting. In 2003, Mickey Baker was listed at #53 on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".
Cat. number: MOVLP1832
Year: 2017

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