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Thought Broadcast


Format: Vinyl LP

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You can not stop thinking. About 18, I finally calmed down, I thought I could stop thinking completely.  I become a zombie for four years. Then, in a broken heart, I started again. I came out of the "grip" that held me tight. I started hearing voices. I also tried to kill time. First, you must confess that its people like you and I believe that is broadcasting the idea. It is terrible. When I look around, I am someone who is the same idea with me. My idea is to broadcast. You can read our thoughts. The first is that we can consider a bad idea (like gender or a persons weaknesses). Second, we believe that we have the power to make people read our thoughts, even if it is bad. Because it has the broadcasting of this thought, please consider why it is a lot of people. To hear any ideas you and I are thinking of and I thought of you. Some people think that for all this world, and you can hear what you think they are. The reason for this is that you can read the mind of everyone of us. There have been times when I have an idea that I will consider evil. I do not believe them, but I know they are in my own voice in my head. Then, I would think that they have been implanted by external forces trying to influence my behavior. I just do not want it to develop into something like I do not believe, my inner voice is your own or something like that." - OESB. "Debut vinyl full-length by Daly City, California based isolationist Thought Broadcast. The follow up T.B. album will be released this fall on Editions Mego. Limited edition of 400 copies - 12" black vinyl - heavy duty covers silkscreened by Monoroid.

Cat. number: #60
Year: 2012
Genre: Electronic