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File under: Dreamscapes

Orphan Fairytale

Titania Moon (LP)

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


In process of stocking **Limited edition of 300 copies with an etching in the run-out groove. Includes an insert.** First first-length release in eight years by the leading lady of sadtronics, psychedelic harmonies and blurred-out  therapy tunes! The glass is never half empty and it’s overflowing right now. Eva Van Deuren scrubbed away her  past with a neon pink sponge to create a hyperreal album of old-skool fairytale sadness for Ultra Eczema, and simultaneously a harp-based record for our pals at Kraak Records in Ghent. The covid-19 crisis seems to  be the catalyst for an abundance of creative madness; deadbroke but ready to gogo. Titania mask replica!

File under: Dreamscapes
Cat. number: ultra eczema 298
Year: 2020

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