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Antoine Chessex

Unfolding the margins


Format: BOOK

Genre: Sound Art

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"The main purpose of this work is to explore the context in which freelance artists are working today while addressing the growing importance of the economic aspect within the artistic field, the imperative for freelance artists to become self-entrepreneurs and the mechanisms of their subjectivation. Furthermore, this text tries to investigate the possibility of alternatives and the different forms of ambivalence resulting from it. The work will tackle these topics by trying to realise a subjective exploration of the artistic field of the present time. The goal of this exploration is to elaborate specific forms of discourses by finding the possible connections between theory and the own experience as a freelance artist. The methodology applied to this exploration borrows from different positions in the field of philosophy and tries to interpret those on a subjective level. The choice of literature made to underpin my exploration comes mostly from the critical perspective and thus certainly orientates this work in a specific direction. This text by no mean wishes to present a complete and definitive exploration of current artistic fields, but more so attempts to raise some questions and to eventually offer some leads for further reflections." - A. Chessex.

Cat. number: desordre2017
Year: 2017

English, 11 x 18cm, 70 pages.