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pekka airaksinen

Vitamins (2Lp)
€ 34.00
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pekka airaksinen - Vitamins (2Lp)

pekka airaksinen

Vitamins (2Lp)

€ 34.00

LABEL: One Point Life
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LPx2 | CATALOG N. OnePoint-lp05 | YEAR. (2016)

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First time on vinyl, rare recordings from 1975 by the legendary Pekka Airaksinen, NWW -listed founding member of Finnish improv group Sperm. The compositions (mostly about minerals and vitamins) just seem to have a hugely varied, constantly mutating life of their own, with waves of pure electronic pulse, panned and pushed into exploration of synthetic tonality and space. ”In general music is mostly about expressing feelings and affecting people emotionally. On the other hand for example creating jazz music is also an intellectual process, not only for the musicians but also for the audience. For me music is a way of gaining knowledge. Music offers information and new perspectives to life which aren’t limited by concepts or literature. Therefore vitamins and other minerals belong to this category of curiosity. I was fascinated by what vitamins tell. I noticed that vitamins are a chemical sort of positivity that has at least in Finland reduced during the last decades.
Meaning the kind of positivity, innocence and naivety that can’t even be imagined these days but were a substantial part of Finnish films from 1940s to 1950s. While composing about vitamins I noticed the connection between vitality and  positivity. Also portaits aim to express the essential of its model, not what him/her looks like on the outside. I chose some people that are interesting and have had something special to offer.”  (P. Airaksinen)



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