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Voice Hardcore (Lp)

Label: Mesh-Key

Format: LP

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Living legend Phew follows up her brilliant Light Sleep album with another masterwork - Voice Hardcore - comprised entirely of her iconic, instantly recognizable voice, twisted, folded and layered over six mesmerizing tracks.. Startling side of pelting drum machines and psychedelic noise from Japanese synth/punk pioneer Hiromi Moritani a.k.a. Phew; an avant-garde vocalist who started out in art-punk unit Aunt Sally (whose only full-length was released by Vanity Records in 1979) and has since collaborated with everyone from Ryuinchi Sakamoto to Can, DAF and Bill Laswell during an illustrious career.
“A woozy, opiate-soaked stumble into a sparse dreamworld” - The Wire Magazine

Cat. number: MKY023
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic